Community Educational Outreach Service

How to Apply for an EIN #
for an Organized CEOS Club

In order for a CEOS club to be chartered and officially recognized, it is now essential that you apply for an EIN (Employer Identification Number) from the IRS. We recommend that you fill out the SS-4 form for each club that does not already have an EIN. There is a sample form showing how to properly complete the form and a blank form also included to help you. After completing the form, take the following steps:

1. Have the CEOS Club Organizational Leader sign and date the form.

2. Make a copy of the form for the club leader and keep a copy on file in a folder designated for the CEOS Club at your Extension office.

3. Fax the form into the EIN Operation Center at 631-447-8960 ( a template for the fax cover sheet is also attached ).

NOTES: It is acceptable to fax several SS-4s at one time.
Be sure to clearly note your office fax number on the cover sheet so that EIN can be faxed back to you when assigned.

4. When you receive the EIN assignment document from the IRS, forward a copy to the CEOS Club Organizational Leader and keep one in the folder for the CEOS Club in your Extension office.

5. Send the name of the County and Club, the name of the contact person for the club and the EIN to the Families and Health Accounting Assistant for inclusion on the master list of recognized CEOS groups.

6. Once confirmed with the State Extension Office in Morgantown, you will receive a Certificate validating your club is in good standing.

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